How to get most of your instagram stories?
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There are useful stories, and there are those that annoy everyone and knock down Instagram algorithms.

There are 10 DONTS you need to take into account creating stories for your audience, if you are influencer to be or business owner.

Don’t#1 – good morning/goodnight/great day stories.
Don’t do it, it doesn’t really inspire or involve, specifically if you are managing business accounts. As a rule, there stories are being swapped, and it ruins your statistics.

Don’t#2 – lots of text in stories. It’s supposed to be user friendly, nicely told snack content. Longer text – for posts, not for stories.

Don’t#3 – Don’t put pictures or reposts without text, because people are not following your context every day. Adding the comment and key message is important to explain your point or help to share the atmosphere.

Don’t#4 – Don’t put talking videos without subtitles, simply because people watch Instagram in 60% of cases with no sound.

Don’t#5 – Don’t abuse with advertisement. It’s usually typical for businesses – to tell all the time about discounts or services. But can you imagine how quick your audience will get bored with this? Try to alternate your content and don’t sell aggressively.

Don’t#6 – endlessly/artificially positive tone of voice. Everybody knows that life is not a fairy tale. At the same time, don’t abuse with negative emotions: it is also aggressive anti trend. Be simple, open and not intrusive; entertain and give interesting ideas/share the inspiring atmosphere.