6 ways to promote organically on Instagram
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Of course, it works not as fast as paid ads, but Instagram still offers interesting opportunities for promotion without actually paying for advartisement.
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1) Thoughtful hashtag strategy - make sure you chose hashtags carefully and use them with each and every post. Check our previous posts: we gave the full guidance on the hashtag strategy some time ago.

2) Engaging content – reels every week. Reels is powerful as it brings an audience beyond your subscribers. Make sure you create reels regularly and in engaging way.

3) Cross PR campaigns with relevant partners
Pick a brand (for instance, an Italian design brand you always collaborate for work) and create a story about it. In return, ask to mention you in their stories.

4) Lead-Magnet – is a free “treat” that you give for subscription. It can be, for example, a super short guide related to your business, for example: “5 tips how to make your bedroom cosy”. Or check list “How to pick the best kitchen”, or anything else you can share with you audience.

5) Live streams with interesting speaker. Lots of effort – but it worth it. Pick the person that inspires you and have a live chat about your favorite topic. It is a great way for audience exchange.

6) Other channels – Pinterest (for instance, if you business is related to beauty, interior design, photography or other visual arts) or TikTok - nice tools to attract people to your Instagram profile.